Core concept
Wooderful life launched an inspirational product line called The Wooderful Land in 2017. We developed a series of educational, interactive and brain training wooden facilities and products to fulfill our brand spirit and convey love towards nature. In this wooden playground, everyone can feel the warmth of wood material, share joy and laugh together.
All the play facilities are made of wood materials from certificated commercial planting forests.
Use non toxic, water-based paints to reduce the amount of toxins in the environment.
The indoor forest landscape comes from thinning logs of artificial forest.
A gift from nature, wood is also an emotional and spiritual sustenance of people. From wearing grass-made clothes, consuming fruits from trees and clearing wood for fire, to all kinds of wood applications in modern life, wood has become part of daily human life. Besides carrying culture, wood provides shelter for people to rest and heal.Coined from wood and wonderful life, the brand Wooderful life starts from “wood” and “blends modern wooden crafts with the aesthetics of life” to demonstrate the pleasure and joy of contacting nature through the different appearances of natural wood.
Better lives for future generations
Live a eco-friendly wonderful life
By experiencing the healing effect of wooden products, we can add comfort and pleasure to life.
Develop sustainable and innovative wood products
By enabling children to contact with wood, they will understand the wonder of trees and forests and fall in love with the warmth of wood.
Promote the forestry development and economy
Forests are sustainable green resources, and strategic plantation, logging, and use can promote forestry economics.
Work with the Earth to conserve and save the environment
By choosing commercial wood from a legal source, we can help earth breathe and reduce the greenhouse effect.
Learn from traditional wood craftsmanship
Through the ages, people and trees have been inseparable from each other. The wood craft arts from the ancients are still being used in modern life.
Develop sustainable and innovative wood products
We develop sustainable and innovative wood products to improve living quality and create a wonderful future for life.